Let’s redefine giving.

By building a community where leaders and givers address complex issues strategically, holistically and collaboratively.

Purposeful, holistic impact.

Our purpose is to help givers invest in causes in their communities more strategically, in order to address Minnesota’s most complex issues more holistically. The Justice Funds was created in response to the following understandings and beliefs:

Complex, inter-related issues require complex, inter-related strategies.

Givers realize some problems are so complex that focusing on the isolated intervention of individual organizations won’t produce lasting change.

Knowing where and how best to give can be hard.

Givers want to invest in local causes but don’t necessarily know who’s doing what, which needs are most critical, or where and how the work of different organizations intersect.

Impact is multiplied where relationships and collaboration exist.

Givers understand their impact is multiplied when investing in the collaborative efforts of teams of high-capacity leaders who know one another and work together.
Put into action, these beliefs look like conversation, active listening, long-term relationship building, thoughtful discernment, collaboration and execution from a partnership perspective.