Let’s rethink how we work together.

Because impact is multiplied when leaders and givers work together to identify and address urgent needs and critical gaps.

Collaboration isn’t just a word that we use, it’s the pillar of our process. We believe we are better equipped to address today’s pressing issues when we work together to solve them. So, each fund that we open follows a thoughtful, collaborative process with a long-term view.

A thoughtful, collaborative process.

This process includes the following 10 steps:

Upon Launching A New Fund

Step 1: Work with givers to identify problems and passions to determine a new fund’s focus.

Step 2: Identify the key organizations and leaders already involved in addressing the cause.

Step 3: Pursue active listening & learning conversations to understand the problem holistically.


Every Year Thereafter

Step 4: Bring the cause leaders together to identify the most urgent needs & critical gaps.

Step 5: Translate those needs & gaps into a list of 5-8 key project focuses for the year. 

Step 6: Request proposals from partner organizations who can implement key projects.

Step 7: Request funding from givers passionate about addressing key problems. 

Step 8: Fund the most compelling proposals, encouraging collaboration at every opportunity.

Step 9: Monitor, report and celebrate the impact we’re making together.

Step 10: Repeat starting at step 4.


Throughout, offer events and opportunities for givers and leaders to build relationships and understanding.