For a conversation about guided giving or more information on organizations National Christian Foundation Twin Cities are giving to in these spaces, please contact us at  Our team is available to guide investors in giving directly to organizations or through our family of topically organized donor advised funds. 

Investment Process and Parameters

All Justice Funds donor advised funds with investment balances will:

  • make grants once annually during the first quarter of each calendar year;
  • to no less than 5 but no more than 10 organizations on the guided giving list associated with each topic/fund;
  • with a minimum grant size of $1,000 and a maximum grant size not to exceed 10% of the receiving organization’s annual operating budget or capital campaign, whichever applies.

Eligibility and size of grants will be determined based on our team’s 50+ years’ experience vetting ministries as well as the input of our givers. In determining grants, we will evaluate the strategic nature of the work, the creativity and innovation of new solutions applied to old problems, the sustainability, scalability and potential for multiplication, and the receiving organization’s leadership and financial health.

Lifetime and estate gifts will generally be granted in full each year (100% annual throughput), unless designated as a multi-year grant, in which case gifts will be granted incrementally over their designated time horizons or fifty years, whichever is shorter.